Hand Sanitizer 

As owners of a local CBD Extraction facility (Imperial CBD Extraction) we are uniquely blessed to have access to ethanol - a main ingredient for producing hand sanitizer. Badlands Provisions will be (temporarily) producing FDA and World Health Organization approved hand sanitizer to help during the emergency crisis from COVID-19 and making it available for public and business purchase. The medical grade formula is a liquid based formula with 80% alcohol as opposed to 64% gel hand sanitizers that many are used to. There are no additives, aloe, or essential oils for smell; this is a medical grade sanitizer that specifically follows the FDA / World Health Organization formula (see label below for details).



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Purchasing Hand Sanitizer 

If you are only in need of a few units of hand sanitizer you can purchase them locally at Labrucherie Irrigation Supply in Brawley, Imperial Stores (Brawley, El Centro, Holtville), or as an add on to your flowers with Cynthia's Flowers. We do not sell single units direct to customers.  

We do sell direct to businesses, government entities, and individuals who are in need of 'bulk' hand sanitizer. We define 'bulk' as any combination of items that total over $125 dollars. 

For more information on availability and pricing of bulk orders please fill out our form and you will be contacted shortly. Please do not fill out the form if you only need a few units as we are not setup to process individual orders. 

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